It's Not JUST A Box...It's THE BOX!

We all know boxes are a cats favorite thing in the world, so how about a box made JUST for them?

SO cute, everyone will know it's meant for your cat and NOT for your garbage bin


Cat In A Box™ Story


Cat In A Box™ was created because of my Ragdoll Charlie's sheer obsession with any corrugated delivery box.


 GREAT QUESTION! Plain and simple, delivery boxes are truly not intended for cats. They are most often printed with weird toxic ink and contain labels, have toxic marker written on them and are closed with staples. Not wanting to keep dirty delivery boxes that have been dragged though warehouses, delivery vans and post offices around my home I went to search for cat safe super cute box that would NEVER BE MISTAKEN FOR GARBAGE.

To my shock it simply did not exist!

So I embarked on my mission to create, design and produce an absolutely perfect box for cats around the world that is so frikken adorable, everyone will know it's meant for your cat and NOT for your garbage bin. 


The Cat In A Box™ family



This Box Rocks!

I have recently purchased Cat in a Box as I thought that my Kitty would really like it. I loved the idea that it was so germ free. I also loved that there were no staples or tape on the box. Kitty’s reaction was priceless as she kept rubbing against the box and immediately jumped in and sat in it very contentedly. I am so pleased with this product and would highly recommend it to all cat lovers out there !!

Roberta G

Amazing idea!

Pebbles is so happy with her cat in a box! We often find her dosing off, feeling all snug in her box and we have the peace of mind knowing the box is clean, new and very durable!  What a great idea!

Cheryl P.

Couldn't be happier

Our cats loved the cat in a box so much that our youngest jumped in right away with the others following suit! It’s become a silly hide and seek spot for them, and other times, a comfy lounge spot! Our toddler has even noticed its intrigue and became possessive of the box declaring it was hers, not the cats’!! We’re very happy we snagged one and are starting to think we  need one for each cat!

Ashley F.

My cats are OBSESSED! Thank you Cat in a box!!!!!!!!

I have 2 cats who disagree about everything, but they agree on thing  - they LOVE the cat in a box! It's never empty! Whether they're playing or relaxing, they love this box.

Katie B.

THANK YOU cat in a box!!!!

My cat isn't one to play with anything ever. However he enjoys hanging out in the 'cat in a box'! He mostly likes jumping into the box when he gets into his hyper mode! This is a super safe product for all animals."

Anjala J.


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